Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why Should I Buy Likes or Followers?

A.  Social media profiles have become your defacto presence on the Internet.  Billions of people around the world use services such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on a daily basis.  Whether you are an individual, organization, artist, band, business, or club, social media is where you make your first impression online.  Here at Likes.Guru we give you the social presence you need to promote your brand and improve your online reputation!

Q.  Why is it Important to Have Likes and Followers?

A.  Having a small number of Likes or Followers on social media gives the impression your online presence is fairly new and not yet reputable. Likes.Guru rapidly increases your social media visibility. Studies have proven that an increased social presence also benefits brand exposure.

Q. Why Likes.Guru?

A.  We are a small team of social media and online marketing professionals with the talent and resources to deliver high quality likes and followers to your social media profiles.  We are a leader in the space and provide each order with the personal attention it deserves and requires for success.  We help you get the attention you deserve on social media!

Q.  How Long Will it Take to Receive my Likes or Followers?

A.  Your order will be delivered quickly, usually over a period of less than 7 days from the time your place your order.  Our social media promotion services are not instant but accrue over a few days, appearing natural and not flooding your account instantly.

Q.  Why Hasn’t My Order Started Delivering Yet?

A.  Our premium social media services are manually promoted by real people and not automated bots.  As such, it may take us a few days to get started working on your order.  If you feel its been more than a few days and you haven’t seen any traction with your order, please feel free to contact us and we will address any issues promptly.

Q.  What is  your Gurantee Policy?

A.  Here at Likes.Guru, we stand behind our social media marketing services 100% with a no risk money back guarantee.  If we fail to deliver your order, or you are not satisfied with our service, we will refund your order and/or remedy any issues.

Q.  Can I Order More Than One Package?

A.  Yes!  You can even run multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Q.  Can I Split My Order Between Multiple Pages or Accounts?

A.  Sorry but each campaign is limited to one page, account, or photo.

Q.  Are the Likes / Followers Country Specific?

A.  Likes and Followers can come from all over the world but we do focus our marketing efforts on English speaking audiences.

Q.  Does Likes.Guru Need My Account Passwords?

A.  No!  We don’t require any passwords or access to your social media accounts.  Our products do not require any admin access.  All we need is the url to the page, photo, or account you want promoted.